Here are the most asked questions:

Question 1: What if the weather turns bad for my backyard party and we reschedule or cancel? 

We all know the weather changes every three hours in Middle Tennessee. So that's why we only require a $25.00 deposit by debit or credit card for backyard parties. You trust us to be there on time and we trust our customers to pay us upon delivery. We do ask for you to try to cancel the day before or that morning before we load up. However, if you call after the delivery person has left the warehouse, we may need to talk.

Question 2: What if the weather turns bad for my large event and we have to reschedule or cancel? 

With larger events there is more planning and preparations. Often we start the day before to make sure all goes well at your special occasion. We also have the lost opportunity of our equipment being rented somewhere else. That is why we always suggest you make plans for indoors or have alternate locations for inclement weather. We will transfer your deposit to any other event in the next 365 days. We do not refund deposits but will cooperate as much as possible to make you happy and fulfill your needs while being fair to everyone.

Question 3: What kind of power requirements will need to be provided?

 Our blowers run on standard 110V AC. We will provide all heavy duty extension cords that are needed. However, we cannot run cord more than 100' from the outlet without potentially damaging our blowers. So plan for the equipment to be within reach of your power supply.

The number of outlets needed depends on the number and size of the items you reserve. Each blower requires 10-15 amps, and some activities have more than one blower. Often older gyms or outside outlets will be on one breaker. It may be necessary for you to check with your facilities staff to find out how breakers are run. Generators that can operate three blowers may be rented from us at an additional cost. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure there is sufficient electric at the job or event site.

Question 4: Can we plan for my event to be inside to avoid the weather?

 We provide our activities inside all year round. Sometimes there are limitations for some of the larger pieces. One issue we have in older buildings is the equipment being unable to go through a single door. In some cases, it may be necessary to charge an additional delivery fee.

Question 5: What if we go ahead with our outside event and it rains?  

If it's cloudy and you decide to go ahead with an event but it doesn't rain, you will have happy kids. If you do decide to have your event despite the weather, you will be charged the full amount whether or not you get full use of the equipment. This is due to the fact that we will have more payroll costs in cleaning the equipment.

Question 6: Is there a delivery fee?

 Yes. Delivery rates vary depending on the distance to be traveled.

Question 7: Is this stuff safe?  

Of the many services we provide to our customers, the top two are safety and fun. We insist on strict safety rules that are printed on safety signs at every event. We also reserve the right to discontinue use of any equipment immediately should attendants or participants fail to follow the safety rules. As a reputable business we carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance. If you choose to provide your own attendants/operators, they must be present at the time of delivery to receive proper training. The attendants must be at least 16 years of age (as required by our insurance provider).

Attendant/Operator Rate: This is calculated for the time of your event plus two hours before and two hours after.

Question 8: What is required to guarantee the order for my event?  

To confirm your date and most of all the activities you would like, we require a 50% Deposit for large events and $25 for backyard parties with a signed contract (Credit Card, Check, or Cash Accepted). For your convenience, we accept Mastercard and Visa and American Express